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Scope and policy

Journal scope

Its main objective is to disseminate a wide variety of themes: access to education, the right to quality, better learning, teaching conditions, epistemological reflections, learning methods, basic education, formal education, informal education, gender, among others .

Form and preparation of manuscripts

You can locate our standards for publication in the journal Education through the following link: Guide for presentation and evaluation of items. This document includes information on how to submit the manuscript format and what are the requirements regarding the content of the types of items.
Remember to send your article must complete the following declaration and send it duly signed: Affidavit
Magazine Education works with the APA model for the development of quotations and references.
Documents. The (s) person (s) author (s) must submit the following documents through the website of the Journal.
Article they want to publish.
Brief academic curriculum.
Affidavit that the article is original and unpublished, and the assignment of copyrights.
Shipping process
. To send documents, access the website y register as author.
Under the title "Starting a new shipment" click where prompted and follow the five steps to be said there.
Any question about this process can write to email .

Sending of manuscripts

As part of the submission process, authors / more are required to check that your shipment meets all the items shown below. The author / s will be returned consignments that do not meet these guidelines.

  • I declare that the consignment has not been previously published or sent to another journal. Deputy affidavit.

  • Shipment is in a format compatible with Microsoft Word.

  • The shipment has a degree in English.

  • Article has summarized in 2 languages.

  • Keywords included in 2 languages.

  • Resume the author was attached.

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