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versión On-line ISSN 2215-2636versión impresa ISSN 0378-0473

Káñina vol.45 no.3 San Pedro de Montes de Oca sep./dic. 2021 


A doggy loop: a fable for kids who like dogs

A doggy loop: una fábula para los niños que les gustan los perros

Nelson Fallas Gutiérrez1 

1Universidad de Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica. Estudiante de inglés. Correo electrónico:

A certain day, in Pandogee city, there was a massive group of dogs holding signs in the air and screaming: Out the sheep, they're asleep!!! Out the sheep, they're asleep!!! The noise was so loud and furious that an ice-cream-eating panda who was walking on the opposite side walk, rushed across the street and stopped near one of the dogs.

Excuse me my good friend. First, let me say that I am deeply sorry for interrupting you, but I caught sight of the movement and became deeply curious about it; so, if there isn't any issues in talking to me, I would like to know a little bit about the activity that is taking place on this fine morning, the panda said while holding a friendly smile.

We want the sheep out. We want them out! Now!! responded the dog fiercely without looking at the panda.

Oh… that is a quite smart move from you my friend, said the panda after taking a lick from his ice cream.

You also want them out? asked the dog with a friendlier tone in his voice.

Yes my good friend, yes. In fact, all pandas want them out, and now, as you previously stated.

The dog could not hide his smile and faced the panda interested in continuing their conversation.

Maybe, just maybe my friend, we: the pandas, by any chance, have come to similar reasons as yours. Nonetheless, I have the suspicion that yours are by far a lot superior, I'd dare to say. Perhaps, if you are willing, of course, you could share some of them with me.

Yes yes, no problem; look, let's start from the top, right? We know how things are, right? There are many things happening in the country right now, right? Yeah, well, the main issue is like, like, that the sheep are like; they don't do their job right, right? Yeah, so, it's like, they don't wanna listen to what we have to say, and this has been happening for like, many years, so this can't like, continue so, yeah, that's why we think they're no good no more. We must stop everything that's happening in the country right now, right?

The panda smiled at the dog and started talking next: I agree, I vehemently agree with you my good friend. No no, more than that, you and your friends are my comrades, my people, we are one, and we will stand against the sheep together as the family we are. The dog, excited, dropped his sign to the floor, punched the air with full force and screamed: Out the sheep, they're asleep!!!! Out the sheep, they're asleep!!!!! The panda, after watching such a burst of commitment, gave his ice cream to the exhausted dog and walked away holding a calm and satisfied expression.

A few days later, the dog was watching television, and while changing channels, he stumbled upon one of the pandas' ads.

That's what we want! Exactly what we want: progress, justice, and happiness, said the dog excitedly to his wife.

Yes love, you're right; we're right, she replied.

Yes! Did you take a look at the panda?

Yes. He looks interesting; like a successful panda.

He's the yellow-suit-wearing panda I was telling you about!

Really!? The one who called you smart and gave you ice cream!?

Close to a year later, the same dog, among many other dogs who were shaking their tails, sniffing one another, and trying to catch their own tails by drawing a never-ending and unfinished circle was present in the presidential inauguration speech given by the panda. It is, thanks to your great intelligence, that now we have the opportunity in our hands, to work for this amazing country, and turning its ashes into the fruitful, peaceful, and wonderful land it once was, said the panda at the end of his speech; by hearing these words, the dogs started to clap, shout, and cry in extreme joy.

A couple of years later, a sheep wearing a yellow suit stopped upon a large group of dogs. After watching the agitation for a while, he took a bite from his donut and approached one of the dogs.

Hello my doggy friend. Oh... believe me that I have to accept that I just came here to say that I'm highly impressed by you; therefore, allow me to praise your wittiness for this fine movement you have going on.

The dog smiled and answered back: Thank you sir. Are you against the pandas too?

Sure my friend; we want to make this country the special place it was many years ago, said the sheep, as the dog shouted: No propaganda, from the panda!!! No propaganda, from the panda!!!

Received: October 28, 2020; Accepted: June 10, 2021

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