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Lankesteriana vol.19 no.1 Cartago ene./abr. 2019 


Four new combinations of the genera bulbophyllumand dendrobium (orchidaceae) from the Philippines

Mark. Arcebal K. Naive1 

Michael A. Calaramo2 

Alejandro Grecebio Jonathan D.3 

1Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Mathematics, Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Andres Bonifacio Ave, Iligan City, 9200 Lanao del Norte, Philippines

2Garden Director and Curator, Northwestern University, Airport Avenue, Bengcag, Laoag City, 2900 Ilocos Norte, Philippines

3Research Centre for the Natural and Applied Sciences and College of Science, University of Santo Tomas, España Boulevard, 1015 Manila, Philippines


Three new combinations under the genus Bulbophyllumand one new combination under the genus Dendrobium are proposed. This work is aimed to solve the ambiguity in the Philippine Orchidaceae.

Key words: Epidendroideae; Malesian flora; Mindanao; plant taxonomy; tropical botany


Recent studies (Hosseini &Dadkhah 2016, Hosseini et al. 2016, Pridgeonet al. 2014, Schuiteman 2011, Xiang et al. 2013) have proposed that Epicrianthes Blumeand Euphlebium (Kraenzl.) Briegershould be treated as congeneric with Bulbophyllum Thouarsand Dendrobium Sw., respectively. Most names under Epicrianthes and Euphlebium were transferred already to Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium. However, Epicrianthes charishampeliae Cabactulan, M.Leon, Cootes & R.B.Pimentel, Epicrianthes jimcootesii Cabactulan, M.Leon & R.B.Pimentel, Epicrianthes neilkonradii Cabactulan, Cootes, M.Leon & R.B.Pimentel and Euphlebium elineae Calaramo, Naive, Cootes, H.Nuytemans & J.C.Martyr have not yet been formally transferred. Here we propose the combination of these four species under the genera Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium.

New combinations in the genus bulbophyllum

Bulbophyllum charishampeliae (Cabactulan, M.Leon, Cootes & R.B.Pimentel) Naive & Alejandro, comb. nov.

Basionym: Epicrianthes charishampeliaeCabactulan, M.Leon, Cootes & R.B.Pimentel, OrchideenJournal 6(2): 1-21. 2018.

TYPE: Philippines. Mindanao: Bukidnon, 1400 metres, 17 February 2018, MDL 1803016 (holotype: CAHUP).

Bulbophyllum jimcootesii (Cabactulan, M.Leon & R.B.Pimentel) Naive & Alejandro, comb. nov.

Basionym: Epicrianthe sjimcootesiiCabactulan, M.Leon & R.B.Pimentel, Orchideen Journal 6(2): 1-21. 2018.

TYPE: Philippines. Mindanao: Bukidnon, 1300 m, 17 February 2018, MDL 1803017 (holotype: CAHUP).

Bulbophyllumn eilkonradii (Cabactulan, Cootes, M.Leon & R.B.Pimentel) Naive & Alejandro, comb. nov.

Basionym: Epicrianthes neilkonradiiCabactulan, Cootes, M.Leon & R.B.Pimentel, OrchideenJournal 6(2): 1-21. 2018.

TYPE: Philippines, Mindanao, Bukidnon, 1300 m, 17 February 2018, MDL 1803018 (holotype: CAHUP).

A new combination in the genus dendrobium

Dendrobium elineae (Calaramo, Naive, Cootes, H. Nuytemans & J.C.Martyr) Naive & Calaramo, comb. nov.

Basionym: Euphlebium elineaeCalaramo, Naive, Cootes, H.Nuytemans & J.C.Martyr, Orchideen Journal 24(4): 164-169. 2017.

TYPE: Philippines. Luzon: Ilocos Norte, Adams, Mount Palemlem, ever-wet forest, 580 m, 17 April 2009, MC 10699 (holotype: HNUL).

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Received: April 02, 2019; Accepted: April 29, 2019

Corresponding author email:

Creative Commons License This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License