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Scope and policy

Journal scope

Technology in Motion Magazine is published since 1978, it belongs to the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.
Its main theme is the dissemination of research results and teaching practice in professional and scientific and technological issues and their importance to the development of knowledge. The content of the magazine is aimed at researchers, specialists, teachers and university students.

Stringent peer reviewing: The originals subjected to an editorial process that will take place in several phases. First, they will be subject to a preliminary by the members of the Editorial Committee, the director and editors, who will determine the relevance of its publication evaluation. It is having established that it complies with the thematic and formal requirements in these instructions will be sent to two external academic peers to decide anonymously (double-blind) whether to publish, if you need changes or rejected. If both were to disagree, the item will be sent to a third evaluator, to make the decision. The results of academic opinion will be final in all cases.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The articles must be original, unpublished and can not participate simultaneously in other processes.
The extent of the work should be between five and 15 pages 21.5 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 inches). It must be submitted in Microsoft Word document, with 1.5 line spacing, in a column in Times 12pt.
The titles of the articles should be simple, clear, short and be in Spanish and English.
It is necessary to clearly indicate the name and two surnames of the author, profession, phone, email, workplace (institution, department, school) and country of origin of the entity.
Keywords and abstract should be submitted in Spanish and English. The abstract should be composed of 250 words.
The images should be sent in a separate file the main document. Should be scanned, the minimum resolution is 300 ppi. Permitted formats are: .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .psd and .ai.
The formulas and mathematical equations should be made with the Equation Editor Microsoft Office.
Where relevant, the International System of Units will be used.
The bibliography appears at the end of the document, arranged alphabetically by author's last name and format according to the APA (American Psychological Association) 2010 edition, which states, inter alia:

  • Printed book: Surname, initials of the author. (Year of publication). Book title. Location: Publisher.

  • EBook: Surname, initials of the author. (Publication) .Title the book. Retrieved from http: //

  • Articles printed magazine: Surname, initials of the author. (Year of publication). Article title. Title of the journal, volume (number), number of first and last page.

  • Journal articles in electronic form: Surname, initials of the author. (Month, year of publication). Article title. Title of the journal, volume (number), number of first and last page. Retrieved from http: //

The Editorial Board will process not edit the article that does not meet these requirements.

Sending of manuscripts

As part of the submission process, authors  are required to check that your shipment meets all the items shown below. The author / s will be returned consignments that do not meet these guidelines.

The request has not been previously published nor has been submitted to another journal (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).

The file sent is a Microsoft Word document, no more than 15 pages.

They have been added to the references web addresses where it has been possible.

The text has 1.5 line spacing; the font size is 12 points; used italics rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures and tables within the text in their proper place and not the end of everything.

The text adheres to the style and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines / s, which can be found in About the Journal.
If you are sending to a section of the journal peer-reviewed, you must make sure that the instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review) have been followed.


I hereby certify that the article submitted to the journal Technology in March, published by Publishing Technology of Costa Rica, has not been reported in any of its previous versions, and agree not to submit for consideration by another publication while in Technology process of opinion in March, and then, if accepted for publication.

I also declare that the text is original and that its contents are the product of my direct intellectual contribution. All data and references to already published materials are properly identified with their respective credit and included in the bibliographical notes.

I also am committed any dispute or claim relating to intellectual property rights, exempting from liability Publishing Technology Costa Rica.
If the article is approved for publication, I authorize Publishing Technology Costa Rica for inclusion in the journal Technology in March and can edit, reproduce, distribute, exhibit and communicate at home and abroad through media print and electronic.

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