Instructions to the authors


1.  The Revista Médica del Hospital Nacional de Niños will only publish unpublished works.  If these have been presented/displayed in some scientific meeting, it is due to point out thus

2.  All work will appear writing to machine by a single side of the leaf, to double-spaced, in white paper so large letter.

3.  The pictures and tables must appear done to machine:  the graphs drawn with Chinese red and the photographies in satin paper positive.  All will have to take to the number and the respective title or legend.

4.  All article will have to be accompanied by the summary in Spanish.  Summaries in another language will be published when the author sends it.

5.  The bibliography is due to order alphabetically and in agreement with the respective international rules.

6.  The Direction of the Magazine and the Writing Committee, reserve the right to accept or to reject articles submissive their consideration.

7.  Tests for their correction will not be sent to the author, nor will be given back original, which will be in the file of the Magazine.

8.  The separatas author or authors will have right to venticinco;  any adiconal amount over this number, will be the responsibility of the interested one.


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