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Instructions to authors

Scope and policy

Objetive is:

The Journal Medicina Legal de Costa Rica receives only original publications of interest in the medical, legal and psychological field of Forensic relevance.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The briefs were submitted to the Editorial Committee for inclusion in the magazine, through a peer review by at least two external reviewers to the Board of the Association, subject matter experts, who know the names of the authors and provide suggestions on how and background articles.

Publications should be prepared by the author in accordance with the "Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals" ("Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals: writing and editing for biomedical publication") established by the International Committee of Journal Editors medical, available electronically on the  page.

Regarding section should include keywords that article in both English and Spanish, it is recommended to consult the "list of descriptors of Health Sciences in

As for the references, these should follow the recommended guidelines page cited above except its format and style that must be attached to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), available in its fifth edition in Spanish in  page.  Meanwhile, the abbreviations for the titles of journals should correspond with those established by Medline, available at: .

Manuscripts submitted must correspond to one of the following categories: Original, Short Communications, Case Report and Literature Review.

Any consideration to reviewing and editing written by the authors will transfer and assign the rights and interests involved in the Costa Rican Association of Forensic Medicine, always keeping the complainant to publish material participation, as well as make a formal declaration that there are no sources of funding and institutional or corporate affiliations that have not been mentioned in the letter submitted to the Editorial Committee, and if appropriate attach expressly approved by bioethics Committee, scientific or local animal protection as appropriate to the try to publish research.

For details about formatting charts, graphs, tables, figures and other attachments to the article, consult the volume 26 of the Journal of Legal Medicine Costa Rica for 2009, available as a parameter to  follow.

Sending of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent via email to the following address:  and include the qualities of the authors and an email address.

For the Association has no cost of publication articles.

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